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The Kraken website is relatively new. No one knows the exact release date of the main darknet platform, but it happened around the end of 2022. But the site appeared for a reason, the impetus was the blocking of the well-known Hydra Onion site, which at one time was considered the top one in the darknet. When the hydra was closed without a habitat, thousands of buyers were left, since there was no high-quality alternative to the Hydra, and no one imagined that it could end. As a result, a few months after the blocking, a new KRAKEN appears and many believe that the three-headed one was reborn into a new mythical creature.

Since that time, the popularity of Kraken has been growing exponentially, every day new stores are registered and thousands of new customers enter. Che also attracts users and sellers of the new The design of the site is very attractive for lovers of minimalism. Everything is done in black and white, you will not find bright advertising banners or distracting advertising on the kraken. Everything is done to ensure that the buyer is not distracted from shopping and is only busy searching for goods.
Also, this resource uses a new modern approach to the decentralization of data storage, i.e. site data is stored not on one server, but on dozens of servers in different countries of the world at once, which reduces the possibility of blocking to zero. Yes, sometimes the site crashes due to DDoS attacks, but continues to work after some 20-30 minutes. For the most impatient, there are always up-to-date mirrors, for example kraken2trfqodidvlh4aa337cpzfrhdlfldhve5nf7njhumwr7instad .